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— The Planning System - a whistlestop tour

Journal 25.05.20

Our goal at T-Space Architects is to make the journey through the Planning System as stress free as possible for all our clients. We will lead this process, negotiating with the local planning authority and advising on the best approach to take.

From providing you with an early Planning Risk Assessment to submitting the most thorough set of documents, drawings and reports to the local authority in a formal planning application.

We understand the route from grand designs to gaining planning permission is often challenging. With years of experience, local knowledge and a robust T-Space submission, we look to rebuff the polite compromise and the easiest win, putting your vision first.  Once we have your aspirations in our hands we approach each application as a unique opportunity to secure you the desired development.

More often than not we use the Pre Application process to start the buy-in and garner feedback from your local planning department. Their feedback at this stage provides a valuable insight into how we proceed further prior to submitting a formal planning application.

It is a process that is not for the faint hearted; securing planning has over the years become ever more complex. There may even be more than one cycle required to achieve consent, especially if your project is pushing the boundaries. Nevertheless, it is not something we shy away from – we thrive on the challenge.

Contact T-Space if you have a project you are interested in us considering.

Tina Nieman Da Costa is a Project Architect at T-Space