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— We are big fans of LED lighting

It’s definitely the way to go. Bulbs are now available in a warm white (look for 2,700 to 3,000 degrees), and dimmable versions, and each bulb uses around a tenth of the electricity that a conventional filament bulb would (that’s because we are not relying on heating something up until its white hot to use as a light source). The bulbs also last much longer, up to 30,000 hours we are told (5.5 hours a day for 15 years).

….or do they? A year ago, we installed over 100 bulbs thinking they would last us for years (they are much more expensive). However, 30% of them have already failed. The supplier is replacing them for new (apparently it’s due to substandard circuit boards), but I guess this is a new technology that is still maturing.

I will be sticking with it, but will certainly avoid light fittings that have integrated (non-replaceable) LED bulbs.