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T-Space New Build
T-Space New Build
T-Space New Build
Big and Beautiful - New Build

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Big and Beautiful - New Build

The similarity is only skin deep.

If you were to drive past this new house you may not notice the differences between it and the building it is replacing. The proportions and scale are similar, as are the material palette and architectural details. However, the new building conceals tricks that the old one could never pull off.

In replanning the building, we are able to take advantage of untapped planning potential to increase the size of the home considerably (to 600m² in this instance). The new construction allows us to create spaces that link and flow in exactly the manner we desire, unconstrained by the existing layout. It enables us to have wide expanses of glass and ceilings free of structure. We can create a highly efficient external envelope that keeps the drafts, cold and noise out. This enables us to deploy low consumption heating technologies, using underfloor heating and heat recovery systems. We can install cabling looms for home automation, audio visual systems and lighting scenes. All these advantages, and we haven’t yet mentioned the VAT.

In reality, the only characteristic shared by the before and after is their good looks.

Read our clients response to the Appeal Decision here.

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Private Residential
East London
Consent granted at Appeal May 2022 - Construction suite of information has begun