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T-Space Contemporary New Build
T-Space Contemporary New Build
Contemporary New Builds - East London

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Contemporary New Builds - East London

When our towns were laid out, gaps were often left that didn’t suit the masterplan. They were usually given over to lesser uses, such as car mechanics and light manufacturing. However, in contemporary town planning terms, these would now be described as ‘non conforming’ uses - noisy and dirty activities sitting in the middle of residential areas.

So when sites such as these come up for redevelopment, conversion to residential use is often favoured. The skill comes in arranging the new dwellings so they have good outlook, daylight, gardens, parking and access; and are compatible with the neighbouring properties. To achieve such a balance our designs need to be inventive and resourceful. The solution is rarely a conventional building.

This site is virtually land-locked, with access via a narrow alleyway (known as a ‘panhandle site’). To add further complexity, the access passes under an existing building; there is a large protected tree and many neighbouring properties. Our proposal is deceptively simple, resolving the conflicting pressures without compromising on elegance.

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