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Courtyard House - New Build Infill

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Courtyard House - New Build Infill

We are delighted to confirm that we have recently secured Planning Consent on these two new houses in East London.

Reminiscent of a Pompeii Courtyard House, this introspective design grew from the constraints of the site and its context. A disused brown field site in an otherwise salubrious residential area overlooked from most directions, this building is all about privacy. It politely averts its outlook towards an inner courtyard whilst the outer walls, without any apertures, keep the occupants from being overlooked.

The new building to the front of the site continues the row of more traditional 1930s style houses along the street creating a screen for the development beyond. This gesture serves to ensure the modernist style of the main house to the rear does not alter the character of the street and creates a very private villa.

Private Residential
East London
Planning Consent Granted