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T-Space Pagoda New Build
T-Space Pagoda Style Mansion
Pagoda Style Manor - New Build

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Pagoda Style Manor - New Build

‘Remember what first attracted you’ – advice we often give when speaking to clients considering works to their homes. Usually, there is something memorable that they recall, and is therefore worth preserving. It may be the driveway trees, the aspect of the kitchen or the carved newel posts. Whatever it may be, it should be factored in to the brief and retained through design iterations.

In this instance, our clients loved their house, its white render and green roof tiles giving an oriental feeling that was both quirky and charming. However, over time demands change and families can outgrow the homestead. Much more space was needed. So we pushed out and up, literally raising the roof by an entire storey, inserting a full first floor in its place. Ultimately it was more cost effective to rebuild completely, but the kernel of the concept remains.

The new house encompasses some 7,600 ft² and is an entirely different property to the original bungalow – but the green glazed pantiles, pagoda style roof and koi pond persist as a reminder of the original home.

Planning granted - started on site

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Planning granted - started on site