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Anyone can design and construct buildings in the UK, but equally there’s nothing wrong with standing up for a bit of training and experience. Construction projects are complex and each one brings it’s own unique issues. A full service architectural practice will take on the role of project leader, driving the project forward, coordinating the work of the various team members and pre-empting problems. It’s not a job for one person, still less a first timer.

Lots of projects are started by keen amateurs with good intentions, a surfeit of enthusiasm over experience, but run off the rails just as they gather steam. At that point, it can be worth pausing to ask for assistance, to speak to someone with the relevant qualifications and experience. With the right team, there is always a solution.

Many of our projects have had such inauspicious beginnings but, after a period of realignment, went on to a successful and happy conclusion.  

Jason Harris is Principal and owner of T-Space

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