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It takes a village to raise a barn, as the saying doesn’t quite go.

To carry a project from concept to completion demands a wide range of skills, a wider range than any one person can embody. The creativity that launches a project is a very different skill from the doggedness that will overcome the statutory hurdles or the discipline required to manage the project program. So the best outcomes are achieved by a team.

The team at T Space has taken several years to assemble. Each member has specific strengths, and every project requires input from the different team members at different times. In this way, projects benefit from better skills than any smaller practice can offer. Over the past couple of years we have grown the team further with specialists in finance, planning risk assessment, 3D visualisation, project management, site services and structural engineering. It’s the best of both worlds, with a lead architect backed by a team.

In addition, T Space have a long track record of collaborating with other disciplines where their expertise is required. These will range from Arboriculturists to Ecologists, Fire Engineers to Landscape Architects. While it is important that their appointment is direct to our clients, we assist in their selection and appointment, and as the leader of the Design Team, will manage their workflow thereafter.

Michelle Gibbons is Managing Director of T-Space Architects.

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