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T-Space Concept

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The HB purrs against the paper, transferring its graphite, molecule by molecule, until forms appear where once there were none.

The very tactile transference of an idea has begun; a movement from a realm of imagination, of electrical pulses, of unseen vision to something that can be realised. The pencil records the dreams and aspirations you would otherwise forget.  And as the muscle memory takes over and the skill honed by time begins to take shape, I am reminded of the great architects before me all doing the exact same thing, pencil in hand, etching their genius in carbon. Creating ideas, in readiness for discussion.

For the first time you have a visual representation of what your home will be, where the children will sleep.  “My study will be there....our new kitchen…our master bedroom...the open living space flowing into our private garden where we will entertain.”

This is what we do.  We love to draw, to make real your aspirations.  Trust us we are architects.

Tina Nieman Da Costa is a Project Architect at T-Space