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T-Space Grand Addition

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— A much loved period home is sensitively reimagined

T-Space is excited to announce that we have recently submitted proposals to planning for the extension and remodelling of a much loved period home located in a conservation area in North East London.  The site comprises of a large two-storey house, with partial basement and loft. It benefits from a large garden and forecourt, and is set in generously from neighbouring boundaries.

Our brief is the remodelling and refurbishment of the entire house, to include extensions to the ground floor sides and rear, a roof infill extension and dormer. 

At ground floor, the 2 side extensions will comprise garage, utility, study and small gym areas. The rear extension will allow for a unified and extended open plan living/kitchen/dining space. A new covered veranda will wrap around the new extensions to the rear. The loft will be extended via a new infill extension with new dormer and rooflights.
External doors and windows are in need of replacing and the front and rear gardens need to be re-landscaped to improve overall amenity.

The wall at the front of the boundary of the property is very badly damaged and will need replacing. Due to the scale of damage, we are proposing to rebuild the wall as a like for like replacement. Similarly, the roof will need to be replaced to its current poor condition.

The site’s green character and large front and rear gardens will be preserved and the quality of the landscaping enhanced further.