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T-Space New Build Apartments

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— 9 New homes submitted for planning

This week we have submitted for planning a development which will provide 9 new homes, over 130 sq. m of communal garden space, on site parking and dedicated cycle store.

As sculptural as it is functional, the building's forms are achieved through use of simple geometries, staggered building elements, facade modelling, and balanced fenestration proportions. Minimal wall to roof detailing, in combination with hidden gutters and inset roof terraces, allow the red brick walls to blend seamlessly with the clay tile roofs, which contribute further to that sculptural aesthetic.

The extended 3-storey cat-slide roof to the rear sweeps down from the uppermost ridge to the first-floor eaves, providing a gentle transition between the neighbouring bungalow and the new block.

A protruding brick plinth - which references the horizontal banding of the art deco inspired apartment block opposite - wraps around the building and unifies the ground floor.

The site will be highly landscaped on all sides. Private and communal gardens are to feature new trees, hedges, and defensible space in the form of evergreen shrubbery and flowerbeds. Not only do these provide a green buffer between the building and public realm, but visually they bed the building into its garden setting.

Please consider getting in contact if you have a project in mind.